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Rule 105 Brewing

About Rule 105

At Rule105, we value our customers. We brew our beer to be the very best and we want you to enjoy every sip! Our beer is gluten-reduced and we offer many styles of beer: ales, lagers, stouts, porters, and sours to name a few. Our kitchen offers amazing food that we make from scratch. Come join us, relax with friends, play trivia, or listen to live music. We list all our events on our website (rule105brewing.com) and our social media sites. Stop in and we can help you find a beer to match your taste. We are here seven days a week and we have the answer for you...because at Rule105, beer is the answer!

After getting settled in my education and starting a career as a Chemistry professor, I had the chance to put together an educational program in brewing beer.

I've attended brewery training in California and earned qualification at the Diploma in Brewing level from the Institute of Brewing and DIstilling (IBD) in London, England. I'm currently finishing my studies in order to obtain qualifications as a Master Brewer from the IBD by writing a dissertation on beer and brewing. I'm the co-author of three textbooks (two on beer and brewing) and countless articles, presentations, patents, and whitepapers in chemistry and brewing.

My wife, Kristie, is a trained molecular biologist with a work ethic that puts everyone else to shame. Her experiences in the lab and in the front office as an administrator seem like a perfect complement to our venture to open a brewery for you to enjoy.

We both knew that a brewery was in our future. So, we started looking for the perfect opportunity (is there such a thing?) in 2018. Finally, in December 2020, we began negotiations to purchase a brewery. By February, we were there - brewing beer, learning paperwork, and planning for a name change to Rule 105 brewing. Even with all of our training and experience, our success comes down to making good beer, meeting new friends, and designing a space where everyone feels welcome. Our focus is on beers that you want to drink, with attention to quality, spanning a wide variety of styles, and creating an environment that is fun, musical, and exciting.

So here we are...
We are planning our Grand Opening for June 25-26, 2021. Just a few years behind schedule, but we're focusing on getting everything right before we jump too quickly. Stop by and ask us some questions. We love to share our story and know exactly what we'll say because the answer is always "beer".

​And now we're ready for the coming year!

– Mike Mosher - Brewer and Co-founder
June, 2021